Frequently asked Questions.

PaidTime is the time-based digital content marketing platform. Do you have specific questions about the use of PaidTime? We help you directly! Read our most frequent questions and answers here!

Why should I use PaidTime and integrate it into my website or app?

With PaidTime, you can easily get additional data about your users, attract new digital subscribers, and generate direct additional revenue. The integration is simple and fast. There are plenty of ways to customize PaidTime for your online website or app.

Will by the number of users shrink after integration PaidTime?

PaidTime offers the so-called FreeTime, which is the daily free usage time for each user, which you can determine for yourself, for each a limited access to your contents. As a result, the number of visistors and visits remains largely intact. PaidTime focuses on monetizing users who spend more time on your site.

Will the users still get FreeTIme ir they already purchased a subscription or a time package?

Yes, but FreeTime is not necessarily relevant to these users. Your subscribers can log in at any time, so PaidTime and FreeTime will not matter anymore. PaidTime users can start every day with FreeTime and then just surf with their PaidTime time pack.

How does it work to purchase PaidTime time packages?

PaidTime provides a complete payment module for the sale and billing of PaidTime time packages. You do not need to worry about anything. At the end of the month, we will transfer the generated revenue to your bank account.

Is it complicated to integrate PaidTime?

The integration of PaidTime is very easy and can be carried out in a very short time period - depending on the online system within a few minutes. We have developed predefined integration modules for the integration on your website or apps, which we will provide immediately upon start of collaboration.