time is the key.

PaidTime is a simple and fair payment model for digital content. You decide for yourself, what and how long you use something. You pay for what you really use, accurate to the second. Your personal relevance and your time are what really counts.

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With PaidTime you pay only what you really use, to the second. Time is a fair and simple billing size. You can decide for yourself, which content has the greatest value for you.


One login that gives you access to an ever-expanding pool of digital content - across platforms. No subscriptions, no barriers. PaidTime is your key to your individual digital content world.


FreeTime is the free usage time that every provider will allow for every day. The length of the FreeTime is determineed the publisher. So you can browse and test the content according to your personal interests, without having to pay for it.

features for users.

One Login

One account, many platforms, countless contents. With PaidTime, you get access to the digital payment content of our partners.

PaidTime Bar

With the PaidTime Bar you have everything under control! Your account, your time packages, your FreeTime and - of course - the pause function.

Always On

No matter if smartphone, tablet or notebook: PaidTime can used on any device.

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