Frequently Ased questions.

PaidTime is the time-based digital content marketing platform. Do you have specific questions about the use or usage of PaidTime? We help you directly! Read our most frequent questions and answers here!

What does PaidTime cost?

At PaidTime, we only charge the usage time that you really consume. The time packages we sell entitle you to access all connected websites and apps. We can offer different time packages, with the larger packages costing less per minute:
---> the S package (45 min) à 2.90 €
---> the M package (90 min) à 4.90 €
---> the L-package (180 min) à 8,90 €
---> the XL package (1,000 min) à € 29.90

What ist the Difference between FreeTime and PaidTime?

FreeTime (green) is the free time that is made available to you daily on the website or app you visit. Once this has expired, you can continue surfing directly with your PaidTime time package (blue) - or complete a digital subscription if this is offered by your website operator.

How much FreeTime do I get?

The daily available FreeTime is set individually by your website operator. As a rule, website operators set it to 2 to 5 minutes. The only exception: If you have activated an adblocker, you may be assigned a reduced amount of FreeTime. Once you disable the adblocker, you get the full FreeTime.

Will I still get FreeTime after Purchasing a time package?

Yes, the daily assigned FreeTime is independent of whether you have purchased a time package or not. It will definitely be assigned to you individually and you can access it every day.

When will I get new FreeTIme?

Your individual FreeTime will be credited to you daily only at 00:00 CET (Central European Time).

Can I Take my FreeTime from one publisher to another?

Unfortunately this is not possible. FreeTime is assigned to you individually for use on a specific website or app. It is only valid for the website or app you are visiting.

What happens to my time package if I will be distracted?

You dont need to be scared. We always respond in the concerns of the users. We constantly measure whether you are still actively dealing with the content presented. If we cannot detect any activity any more, we'll automatically pause your session and the time will stop running, whether FreeTime or PaidTime.

How can I purchase a time package?

We offer you the opportunity to buy new time packages and to recharge your time credit. Just click on "time to charge" or "buy time package", choose one of our time packages, your preferred payment method and enter the required data. The time credit will be issued to you immediately after the completion of the purchase.

Can I return time packages once purchased?

The return of purchased time packages is only possible if they have not been used yet. Please contact Used time packages can not be returned. But, the remaining time credit can be transferred to another user (see below).

Can I transfer my time credit?

The transfer of the remaining credit to your PaidTime account is possible. This is e.g. feasible, if you want to delete your PaidTime account, but do not want to forfeit the remaining credit but prefer to transfer it to another user. We will automatically issue an individual voucher to you for your remaining credit whenever you delete your PaidTime account.

How long are the time packages valid?

The purchased PaidTime time packages are valid for at least three years. Any remaining credit will only expire if you have not accessed it for three years.